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We’re Cheap.
Yes, we said it. We've actually made cheap the new cool. The truth is, we like discounts just like you.

We’re Innovative.
We thrive in leading the discount card industry with new ideas that continue to keep us at the front of the line.

We're Passionate.
We absolutely love helping people save money.

We're Professional.
Unlike other companies that advertise discounts for which they don't have a signed contract, we want to reassure you that sponsors sign contracts with us. You always have a solid deal when you make your iDcard purchases.


Your Team! we are here for you.

Supporting local businesses by providing free advertising since day one (Nov 1, 2010).

Shawn Dohmen
CEO / CHEAP Executive Officer

Realizing during college that he was truly an entrepreneur at heart, Shawn embarked on a new chapter and introduced himself to Hawaii as the CHEAP Executive Officer for iDcard. He is beyond passionate about iDcard and helping people save money.

Christi Mcilwain
CBO / CHEAP Brand Officer

Design is her passion and helping iDcard grow/thrive is her drive. Initially hired as the design contractor for iDcard, her awesome work in capturing the corporate image allowed the company to grow, reaching new members and sponsors every month.

Randy Graham
CDO / CHEAP Development Officer (Honolulu, HI)

An iDcard fan from the very start, Randy provided us with his extensive knowledge of Japanese on a translation project. This led to a full-time position, where his talents and resourcefulness have proven essential to the company. He sends Aloha to all you fellow iDcard enthusiasts.

Carlos Asuncion
CDO / CHEAP Development Officer (Maui, HI)

Carlos contacted us, asking, "Do you folks have anyone on Maui working for you?" Our reply, "We sure do. YOU!" Having sold yellow page ads for 20+ years, Carlos wins over new sponsors, knocking on business doors and offering FREE advertising.

Thomas Carter
CDO / CHEAP Development Officer (Savanna, GA)

Despite the fact that he held leadership roles in 5 different Fortune 500 companies and help found 3 successful start ups, Thomas is just like the rest of us… cheap! He is always on the hunt for top notch products and services at the best possible price.

CDO / CHEAP Development Officer (Your City)

Tired of working for someone else and want to become your own boss? Join the team and expand iDcard to your city. Contact us for details.

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iDcards Ordered

Thank you so much!! I love my iDcard!! I really appreciate what you are doing…not only do we save but we have fun too! I love introducing the iDcard to all my friends.

-Kim Wheeler

A big huge THANK YOU goes out to CEO Shawn Dohmen & iDcard for being so awesome! Such a great item to have in your wallet!

-Ashley Zink

Mahalo for all your hardwork to get us the BESTEST DEALS for all of us to enjoy and save. Aloha & Mahalo Shawn & iDcard crew.

-Kuniko & Leland Kwock

Thank you so much for making it cheaper to enjoy more in life! The iDcard is awesome.

-Gene Tamaki

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful discounts. I rarely have enough money to take my family out but when I do the discounts truly help.

-Gene Tamaki

What We Do.

Since November 1, 2010 iDcard has provided FREE advertising for hundreds of businesses.

Free Advertising.

Save Your Money

We will NEVER charge any business to advertise with us. Become an iDcard sponsor today and your business will be advertised on our website, partner promotions and mobile apps. You determine what discount you want to offer and retain 100% of the income generated from advertising with us.


We Love Helping You Grow

We enjoy helping individuals, schools and organizations raise money. iDcard is an excellent fundraiser that will help you reach your financial goals fast.

Customer Support.

And Affinity

We fully understand we cannot make everyone happy, but that does not mean we are not going to try. We are here for you.

Have Fun.

Office Surfing (with chairs!)

A fun day at work is better than a miserable day off. We love what we do everyday and it shows.

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Virtual vs Physical

Please consider the environment when placing your order.


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  • Earth-friendly Win! Plastic cards are not recyclable.
  • May be used immediately. No shipping required.
  • One less card in your wallet.
  • Virtual iDcards cannot be lost.
  • Option to upload your photo so you do not have to show photo ID.
  • You are more likely to leave your wallet at home before leaving your phone at home.
  • We do not replace lost or stolen physical iDcards.


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