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Favored for its all-around popularity, iDcard is an excellent fundraising tool that can help you reach your financial goals fast. People of all ages love that they can use it for meals, desserts, shopping, services and entertainment -- for a whole year!

There is no deposit required, no minimum order, and no penalty to return unsold/undamaged scratch-off cards. Those who purchase a scratch-off card from you will redeem it for a one year iDcard within the app. Instructions are printed on the back of scratch-off cards and can be found on the order page within the app.

Through fundraisers, scratch-off cards are sold for $20.00 each. You will earn 50% of all proceeds through your fundraiser. All fundraisers are due 30 days from commencement and payment is due in cash or in one check made payable to iDcard.

Please allow at least 24 hours to prepare your fundraiser order. Whoever picks up the scratch-off cards will be required to provide their drivers license and credit card. A copy will be made of both as protection for failure to turn in payment/unsold scratch-off cards.

Mahalo for your interest, and best of luck with your fundraising efforts!